Vote Experienced Leaders for Strong Members.

Our Local 399 Sisters & Brothers deserve experienced leaders for Strong Members. Leaders that have fought for and with our Members in negotiations, organizing campaigns, day-to-day Union business and on an Industry-wide, Statewide and National level.

Read more about the experience of the 399 Members First Slate below.

Steve Dayan began his career in the Motion Picture Industry in 1977 and has worked continuously in the industry for 42 years. Steve joined Local 399 in 1985 and has been a Member for 34 years. He has worked in the capacity of Location Manager, Business Agent, Organizer and now Secretary-Treasurer. 


Steve has worked at  Local 399 for the last 20 years.

He has lobbied city and state governments long before he became a Business Agent. He was appointed to the board of the California Film Commission by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and served as Chairman of the Board for three years and continues to be a Board Member. Steve was the first Teamster ever appointed to the California Film Commission. Steve also served as Chairman of the Board of FilmLA. 


He organized the commercial Scouts and Managers in 2001 and successfully negotiated their historic, first-ever contract without a strike. Steve organized the Casting Directors and Associate Casting Directors after a 4 ½ year organizing effort in 2006, again without a strike. 


Since taking office as Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 399 in 2014 he has negotiated every major agreement and over 20 white paper agreements, most agreements through two contract cycles, for the Local 399 Membership.  


Steve also serves in the following capacities:

  • Chairman of the Basic Crafts

  • Director on the Motion Picture Trust Funds

  • Vice President of the California State Federation of Labor

  • Representative to the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor

Secretary-Treasurer | 399 Members First

Steve Dayan

Kenny Farnell is a third generation Teamster who has been a Teamster for over 35 years. The first 11 years as a Member of Teamsters Local 25 in Boston, and for the last 24 years as a Member of Local 399.


Kenny has worked as a Captain and a Driver on both domestic and foreign productions and has forged relationships with Teamster Locals, other Unions, and Members across the Nation.


Kenny was appointed as a Local 399 Business Agent in 2016 and has since represented Disney, HBO, ABC Studios, Studio Services, Viacom and Universal Studios as well as assisting with Universal Studios Tours and Warner Bros. 


Kenny also serves in the following capacities:

  • Local 399 Executive Board since 2014, first serving as a Trustee and now President

  • Director on the Motion Picture Industry Trust Fund where he also serves on the benefits and appeals committee

  • Alternate Delegate at the 2016 IBT International Convention

  • Representative for the LA County Federation of Labor

President | 399 Members First

Kenny Farnell

Ed Duffy is the Business Agent representing Casting Directors and Location Managers. He is an Executive Board Member and Chair of Operations of FilmLA and a member of the L.A. City & County Film Task Force. Ed also serves as  Local 399's Political Director and the representative for Local 399 on the State Film Incentive Alliance of Unions, Studios, and Vendors as well as the Board of the Entertainment Union Coalition. 

Ed graduated from UCLA with degrees in Motion Picture/Television and Political Science. He started his career working for Chuck Fries Productions and EMI Television, before becoming a Location Manager. As a Location Manager for 28 years, he worked on shows like 'Dynasty', 'Moonlighting', 'Melrose Place', 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'The O.C.'.


Ed has served as Vice President on the Executive Board for the last eight years and serves as a Representative for the Los Angeles Federation of Labor. 

Vice President | 399 Members First

Ed Duffy

​Lindsay Dougherty is a second generation , 13 year Teamster originally from Detroit, Michigan, who has been a Member of Local 399 for over 11 years. Lindsay first joined 399 as a Transportation Dispatcher and has traveled the country working on major motion pictures for the major studios. Since 2014, she has been a Business Agent as well as an Organizer for Local 399, and was recently appointed as the Recording Secretary for the Local. 


Lindsay serves on the Executive Board as Vice President for the LA Federation of Labor and serves as a Delegate for the California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO. In 2016, she was elected as an Alternate Local 399 Delegate for the IBT Delegate Convention and at the request of the International, served as a Reader at the Convention.


Lindsay has fostered many relationships with our Members and other Teamster Locals across the nation.

Recording Secretary | 399 Members First

Lindsay Dougherty

Armando is a second-generation Teamster. He got his start in the Industry as a Universal Tram Driver 16 years ago.  Armando is working as a dedicated Driver on both Features and Television as well serving as the Shop Steward at Fox for the past 8 years.


Always looking to give back, Armando has been an active Member of the Driver's Steering Committee since its inception. Additionally, he’s served as a Trustee for the past 3 years. Armando volunteers his time to assist in the new Member orientation class. Having a passion for the Union, he is deeply proud and honored to be of service to his Union Brothers and Sisters.


Armando is committed to work with and for the Members. He is proud to serve on the 399 Members First Slate in order to further impact the Membership in a positive way. 

Trustee | 399 Members First 

Armando Santana

Gary M. Zuckerbrod has been a Member of the Casting community for 35 years. Beginning in New York, he started as an Assistant and then Associate working on such films as 'Trading Places', 'The Pope of Greenwich Village' and pilot and series of 'Miami Vice'. Gary was brought to Los Angeles by William Friedkin to work on 'To Live and Die in LA'.


He served as President of the Casting Society of America from 2002 till 2004 and again in 2009.


Gary is most proud of serving as Chairman of the Steering Committee for the Unionization of Casting Directors and Casting Associates and is currently the Shop Steward for Television Casting Directors.

As a Trustee on the Board of Directors for Local 399, Gary participates in the decisions which make Local 399 such a unique Local. Gary looks forward to serving another three year term as a Trustee. 

Trustee | 399 Members First 

Gary Zuckerbrod

Philip joined Teamsters Local 399 in 2010.  He takes pride in working under several contracts.  His career began as a Universal Tram Driver where he is currently on the seniority roster.  Also in 2010, he began driving Production Motorhomes and Trailers at Quixote Studios under the Commercial Contract. 


As of January 2019 Philip was named Shop Steward at Quixote Studios.  In addition to working on these rosters he also works as a TV/Feature Driver. 


As a Member of the Teamsters National Black Caucus (TNBC) he has been able to gain knowledge about our great Teamsters Union and serve the community.  Philip currently sits on the Western Region Executive Board of the TNBC.  Philip encourages Members to learn, experience and get involved in as much as they can as a Member of Local 399 and looks forward to representing the Members of Local 399 as a Trustee. 

Trustee | 399 Members First

Philip Quansah

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