• CA TV & FILM TAX INCENTIVE: With support from our Local 399 Members, our Entertainment Union Coalition, our Filmworks Program and the process of educating our Elected Officials we were able to successfully lobby on behalf of the California TV & Film Tax Incentive which resulted in an extended program for an additional 5 years. Combined with the remaining years of the first tax incentive that was won when we first took office in 2014, this gives us a total of 7 years remaining. This big win for our Membership translates to a booming industry - meaning jobs for our Members locally here in California and the ability to add new Members into our Union.

  • ELD EXEMPTION FOR MOTION PICTURE INDUSTRY: In conjunction with the MPAA, CSATF, AMPTP, Picture Transportation Committee and many of our rank-and-file Members in transportation offices, we were able to secure a 5-year ELD Exemption for our Drivers in the Motion Picture Industry due to the uniqueness of our Industries.

  • FINANCIAL STATE OF UNION: Upon taking office in 2014 the Union was $400,000 in the red. With careful observation and making necessary cutbacks, coupled with successful grievance wins and we are proud to report that the Local is now strong in the black! We were able to get out financial state back on track within our very first terms and have build upon the financial security since 2016. 

  • LEGISLATIVE WINS: Outside of our California Film & TV Tax Incentives, we have supported and fought for and against legislation that impacts our Members and our Union Partners across a variety of Industries. Legislation that impacts our Members working out-of-state, our Drivers, the work of our Animal Trainers and Wranglers, our Brothers and Sisters in the Waste Division, Drivers at the Ports, in the Bottling Industry, our Entertainment Union Coalition, partners in IBEW, Building Trades, Laborers, Plasters and more. We take great pride in the networks and coalitions that we have built giving us power to fight for working people locally, in Sacramento and Washington D.C.. 


  • SIGNED OVER 2,500 Agreements: in  TV & Features, New Media, Commercials and One-off Agreements since taking office in 2014. Often times, we have been able to secure better wages and conditions for our Members. 

  • MAJOR CONTRACTS: This administration, with the help of our Steering Committees, Shop Stewards and rank-and-file Members, have renegotiated all of our Major Agreements, many of them multiple times. This includes our: “Black Book” Agreement, the AICP Commercial Agreements, the Location Professional Agreement and the Casting Agreement. We have ratified every agreement since taking office with an overwhelming majority by our Membership - often times almost unanimously. We fought to achieve higher wages, increased contributions for pension and IAP and address workplace issues that were identified from our Contract Surveys. Though we can never achieve everything we want, we have been able to secure great gains without any concessions or givebacks. With each negotiation we position ourselves in a strong place to build upon for the next cycle and we are always looking ahead to the next round.


  • WHITE PAPER AGREEMENTS: Since taking office we have re-negotiated every white paper agreement, some again, through two contract cycles. There are about 20 White Paper Contracts and each contract is re-negotiated with the help and input of the Members working under that agreement. No matter how many Members are represented under these smaller agreements, we will always fight for the gains and representation of every Member that is part of our great Local. We are proud to say these agreements have grown stronger as has the solidarity, camaraderie and Teamster pride over the past 6 years.


  • NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION: With the increase of work created by the California Film & TV Tax Incentive we have seen an influx of new Members joining Teamsters Local 399. With so many new Members joining, we felt it imperative to create an orientation to help those New Members navigate the Industry as well as the benefits and their role as a Union Member. We have successfully held 5 Orientations thus far as well as created a New Member Handbook for those unable to attend the training.

  • SHOP STEWARD CLASS: Developing strong Shop Stewards has been a focus of this administration. We believe in providing pathways to leadership and the ability for Members to continue develop their skills and knowledge of being part of a Union, enforcement of the Contract as well as helping to support Members within their workplace concerns.

  • STEERING COMMITTEES: We created a Driver Steering Committee, Chef Driver Committee, Commercial Drivers Committee, Location Steering Committee, Commercial & Casting Directors and Casting Associate Steering Committee and we are in the process of developing a Coordinator Committee. These Committees regularly meet to discuss issues, provide updates, and help to create new ideas for education to be rolled out to the various Crafts. During times of Contract negotiations, we rely heavily on our committees and we thank those who have participated on our Committees for their insight to important matters that are discussed and addressed in negotiations.

  • DRIVER CLASSES & SKILLS TRAINING: We developed numerous Driver Classes such as DOT/Hours of Service Training, Black Book Classes, Stick Time Class, Log Book & Vehicle Regulation Classes, OSHA & more. We have also worked to develop classes with CSATF such as the Forklift Class, Reach Forklift Class, Water Truck Class, and Bobcat Class. These classes are not hosted by CSATF however they are offered for free and are often times one-on-one training with the Instructor.

  • PRE-RETIREMENT SEMINAR: MPIPHP has hosted Pre-Retirement Seminars for all Industry Crafts and the MPI Plans have tailored these classes for our Local 399 Members. Working in such a unique industry, we really feel it is important to help our Members prepare for retirement and understand the benefits that are  available to them and their family.

  • SOCIETY OF FINANCIAL AWARENESS: Our involvement with the Los Angeles Federation of Labor has allowed for us to be connected with SOFA - an organization that helps Union Members on their path to financial success. These classes have helped Members in the Industry plan for their future at all ages.  

  • LOCATION WORKSHOPS: Our Location Education Committee works to prepare yearly education programs that help new and seasoned Members alike stay on the top of their game in their craft. We are grateful for our Members that take the time to help create, teach and invest in their fellow Members.

  • UNION CAUCUSES: We have supported our Teamsters Women’s Caucus, supported the Teamsters National Black Caucus and have been able to send our Members to events and even supported our Trustee and Business Agent Calvin McDowell and Shop Steward Philip Quansah to hold positions on the Southern California Executive Board. We are also beginning our involvement in the Hispanic Caucus as well as the newly formed LGBTQ+ Caucus.   


  • DIGITAL CALL BOARD: Developed the digital Call Board systems for Members to check their status and make themselves available and unavailable. Group 1 Drivers are also able to view Production Logs online. This systems is still in development to add more tools for our Members to access but it is a first step to help our Members keep the most updated information on their own time.

  • LOCAL 399 APP: After feedback from the Membership in our 2017 General Membership Survey we worked to investigate the process of creating and rolling out an App for our Local 399 Members to download to stay up-to-date with Local 399 news on your own time. This App provides general news and event information as well as information and tools tailored to your line of work. We look forward to continually developing this tool for our Members.

  • ELECTRONIC VOTING: In an attempt to make our Contract Ratification voting process more easily accessible to all Members, we worked to roll out Electronic Voting on two of our Major Agreements as well as some of our White Paper Contracts. This process allowed for Members to spend more time with the proposed Memorandum of Agreement as well return their ballot in a timely manner.

  • COMMUNICATION CHANNELS: Since taking office in 2014 we have added and improved upon the channels of communication delivered to the Membership. Our goal is to keep our Members informed on the operations, information and events that are pertaining to their Union. We now utilize email messaging, regular website updates, quarterly Newsreel publication, text messaging, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, direct mail postcards, and our new Teamsters Local 399 App.


  • SOFTWARE SOLUTION / DIGITIZING FILES: We are in the process of working with our International Brotherhood of Teamsters to help develop a software solution to better manage contracts, Member data and track grievances. We believe the strength of our Union is contingent on understanding our past. We are working to preserve information as well as store it for ease of research and organization to be referenced when necessary.

  • GRIEVANCES SETTLED: Since taking office in 2014 we have settled over $1.5 Million dollars in grievance settlements. These wins for the Members ensure our contract is enforced and when able the money is returned directly back to our Members. 

  • SCHOLARSHIPS: Under this Administration we created the first ever Local 399 Scholarship which was named the Leo T. Reed Scholarship to honor Leo’s 25 years of serving the Membership. Each year 10 children of our Members are selected to win the scholarship. Just this year, the Local 399 Membership voted in favor of increasing the Scholarships from $2,500 to $5,000 for the 10 students who are chosen by the L.A. County Federation of Labor staff.


  • ORGANIZED QUIXOTE WAREHOUSE WORKERS: After seeing the benefits of Quixote Drivers organizing back in 2014/2015 - Quixote Warehouse Workers made the decision to fight for their rights on the job and approached Teamsters Local 399 to organize. We fought alongside this dedicated group and ultimately they were able to secure their first Union Contract. We are proud to have them part of our Local.

  • ORGANIZED ZIO: Studio Services has long been a Company in which Local 399 represented. When Zio acquired Studio Services we have been working with the Company to get an initial contract to represent their new Members as well as keep those that have been part of Studio Services included. 

  • ORGANIZED: King Kong and Sirreel and we will continue to organize vendors in the Industry to ensure every corner of our Industry is Union Strong. 

  • DOT ADMINS: At Warner Bros. & Universal and are currently in the process of negotiating their first Contract. 

  • PRG DRIVERS: Fought hard for their first Union contract and we are proud to say this group is growing rapidly. 

  • COOK HELPERS & COOK HELPERS THAT DRIVE: This fight is far from over however we are working to organize this hard working group and give them the support and representation they deserve. 

  • ORGANIZED CINELEASE WAREHOUSE WORKERS: Cinelease Drivers have been organized for some time, however the Warehouse Workers were left without protections. This group went through a lot to ultimately win their first Union Agreement. Previous Management at the Company was using textbook Union busting tactics but the Members stood strong and organized after a tough fight.

  • SUPPORTED OTHER UNIONS & GUILDS ORGANIZING EFFORTS: We have supported our Brothers in Sisters within the Industry and outside of our industry in actions and organizing drives. Everywhere from SAG-AFTRA, IATSE and Basic Crafts, to Port Drivers, XPO Workers, Los Angeles Teachers, Nurses, other Teamster Locals and more.

  • NEW MEMBERS: We are proud that we have seen many new Teamster Sisters and Brothers join our Union family by way of our organizing efforts and the increased work throughout out Industry. 

  • ORGANIZING: Aggressively organized non-Union Productions ensuring that our Members get the wages and benefits they have fought for hard for.


  • CAR & MOTORCYCLE SHOW: Started the first ever Car & Motorcycle Show in partnership with our Brothers and Sisters in the Basic Crafts. This event has grown to be a great time for our Members, other Unions and Guilds, friends and family to spend time together, network and enjoy an afternoon at the park.

  • RALPH CLARE GOLF TOURNAMENT: Have continued the tradition of the Ralph Clare Golf Tournament honoring the late former Secretary-Treasurer Ralph Clare and his great contributions to Teamsters Local 399. We are on our 28th year of the event.

  • RETIREE REUNION: Have worked with our Retirees to plan annual Retiree Reunions in both Los Angeles and in Las Vegas. The multiple day reunions are a great time for Retirees to connect with old friends and we have brought out representatives from MPIPHP to help Retirees understand their benefits and get any questions they may have answered.

  • UNION SOLIDARITY: We have worked to strengthen our relationship with the IATSE, DGA, SAG/AFTRA WGA. We have also worked closely with other Teamster Locals around the country including Teamsters Canada, Joint Council 42 and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Joined the picket line with teachers, SAG-AFTRA Members, Port Drivers,

  • HOFFA AT OUR GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: For the first time in the History of Local 399, The IBT General President, Jim Hoffa gave the oath of membership to our Local 399 Brothers and Sisters as well as hear him address the Membership and commend them on our Members hard-work in such a difficult  and demanding Industry.


We are committed to keep 399 Members First which means our job is never done! We look forward to addressing the new challenges ahead and move forward together to continue to remain the best and strongest in the business.

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