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Thank You Rose Falcon for your Dedicated Leadership as Recording Secretary!

We will be announcing our 399 Members First Slate for the 2020-2022 Term this evening! Please make sure you are signed up to receive emails from 399 Members First to learn more about our Slate and our Platform for the next 3 Years!

We wanted to take a moment however, to thank Rose Falcon for her 27 years of service to the Teamsters Local 399 Membership as the Recording Secretary. As many of you know, Rose retired as of July 1st of this year. Though sad to see her go, we wish Rose nothing but the best and the healthiest and happiest retirement! We are certainly going to miss her. Rose has dedicated so much of her time, energy, talents and friendship to the Members of Local 399, and we are beyond grateful for her support and guidance for the past 6 years as she served with us on the 399 Members First Slate.

Thank you Rose for your words of support of 399 Members First as we fight to continue to serve and represent the Members of 399 for 3 MORE Years.

"My name is Rose Falcon and as most of you may know, I previously held the position of Recording

Secretary on the Executive Board of Teamsters Local 399 for 27 years. I started working for the Local in 1979 and have seen the Local go from a functioning Union to a very proactive and progressive Union. I have known Steve Dayan since 1985 when he joined the Union as a Location Manager and I have also worked with him as a Business Agent since 1999 and Secretary-Treasurer since 2014.

From the very first day he took office, he got right to work and accomplished everything that was expected of a Secretary-Treasurer in his position. I must say he knew every step he needed to take. I feel that Steve has fully accomplished what he promised the Members in 2013 when he first ran for office. He has made Local 399 inter-Union, inter-Guild, and most of all inter-Labor affiliated. He has expanded the social platforms which brought us into the 21st century, continuing educational classes, new Member orientation classes, on-line Member surveys, and most importantly extended our California Film and Television Tax Incentives - bringing the work back home to our Members!

I have known Kenny Farnell since 1995 when he transferred into the Local from Local 25 in Boston. Kenny has always shown to be a consummate Teamster Member, Business Agent and President of the Executive Board.

I am hereby endorsing the 399 Members First Slate, Dayan/Farnell for the next three years as I feel they have the right ingredients and leadership that it takes to win and run a Union. They promise to protect the Membership in maintaining the benefits and conditions we have now, all the while striving to improve them.

I urge you to vote for Steve Dayan for Secretary-Treasurer and his 399 Members First Slate!

Rose Falcon

Retired Teamsters Local 399"

www.399 MEMBERS FIRST.com