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399 Members First Running for Re-Election this Fall!

Secretary-Treasurer Steve Dayan & President Kenny Farnell are Running for Re-Election on the 399 Members First Slate.

Greetings Sisters & Brothers,

As many of you know, every 3 years the Members of Local 399 have the opportunity to vote on their Local Union Executive Board. This democratic process is intended to ensure that you have the ability to determine how your Local is run, and have an impact on its operation. I am excited to formally announce that myself and 399 President Kenny Farnell will be running for Re-Election this Fall on the 399 Members First Slate.

The 399 Members First Slate has held office since January 1st, 2014 and has worked to continually improve upon the strength, solidarity, support and representation of the Members of Local 399. We believe that experienced leaders for strong Members is the only way we can continue to grow, fight and win together - moving forward together into the next 3 years.

We are beyond grateful for the support you have already shown us to get us where we are today. But, in order to continue to serve the Members of Local 399, we need your support. I need your voice and your vote to ensure 399 Members remain FIRST into the next 3 years. Over the next couple months, I will be sharing the entirety of our Slate, highlighting the accomplishments of our Members since taking office in 2014, as well as laying the foundation and focus for the next 3 years.

Join us. We can’t do this alone. There are many ways to get involved right now — encourage your Local 399 Brothers and Sisters to get connected to our channels of communications, leave a personal endorsement for 399 Members First or make a financial contribution to our Campaign. We will be sharing event details next week for our official campaign kick-off, so stay tuned!

Thank you for believing in 399 Members First 6 years ago. We will continue to fight for you, the Members of Local 399, well into the future.

In Solidarity,

Steve Dayan

Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 399

399 Members First Slate

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