The 399 Members First Slate is proud of what we’ve accomplished together with the Membership since we took office in 2014. We’re running on our Record of supporting the strength, solidarity and support for each and every Local 399 Member. We will continue to fight for our Members by building upon what we have created thus far, and working together with  you to pave the way into the future.


Below we have highlighted just some of the accomplishments Local 399 has achieved over the past 6 years.  


We work for YOU, the Membership.

And because we work for you, our work is never done. We look forward to the privilege of representing the Members of Local 399 for another 3 years. We plan to continue to build upon the classes, trainings, support, representation, contract enforcement, technological advancements and MORE while preserving and growing the developments from the past 6 years, we also have our eyes on the future to make the best decisions on behalf of our Membership to continue to build upon our strength from the past and forging new opportunities for the future.


  • We will continue to fight for higher wages.

  • We will continue to fight for better working conditions.

  • We will continue to fight to ensure that you and your family are protected not only while actively working, but also as you prepare for and enjoy retirement.

  • We will continue to educate, empower and work to provide resources for Members to grow not only in their career, but in their Union involvement and understanding the benefits that those before worked tirelessly to ensure and protect.


399 Members First.


Moving Forward Together into the future.




399 Members First Slate needs YOUR support. We can’t do this alone.

We look forward to continue to dedicate our time, experience and resources to fight for our Members for 3 MORE years. Whether staying engaged with our campaign, sharing your own personal endorsement of support, volunteering your time to get out the vote or making a financial commitment; all of these actions, together, will help us continue to build a stronger, smarter and more powerful Union.


Vote experience. Vote 399 Members First Slate and let’s move forward together.  



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